Distance Education on the Road

Hello, folks! I’m looking forward to contributing to this blog. Thanks to Matthew, my older brother, for giving me the opportunity to participate.

During a recent one-week road trip with my family, I learned yet another benefit offered by earning a degree through distance education — the convenience factor. I’m currently enrolled in two eight-week summer courses from a state community college. Due to the short duration of each course, the material covered is fairly heavy-duty, yet I was still able to keep up with my assignments even while on the road. With the frequency of wireless internet access points nowadays, it’s a fairly simple task to carry along a portable computer and access email, post to class discussion boards, and get updated assignments. Had I been enrolled in a traditional college program with mandatory classroom attendance, I would never have been able to wing this trip. As it was, all that I needed was a laptop, my books, and some time set aside for study.

Imagine the time saved through distance education – it gives you so much more freedom to pursue other opportunities while still working toward that “piece of paper,” the college degree.

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