What Is Distance Education?

According to Wikipedia’s definition, distance education is:

…a field of education that focuses on the pedagogy/andragogy, technology, and instructional systems design that is effectively incorporated in delivering education to students who are not physically “on site” to receive their education.


What a mouthful! We prefer to describe it simply as the process of earning an accredited college degree by self-study through the mail or over the Internet instead of attending classes at a traditional institution.

Distance education has been around for several decades, but has only recently begun gaining traction as a viable alternative to traditional college. It presents an especially appealing method of study to home school graduates who already have the necessary motivation to learn on their own.

Why choose to earn a college degree at a distance? A few reasons are:

  • Flexibility in scheduling, allowing the student to pursue apprenticeships or jobs while working through a degree program.
  • Avoidance of expenses such as dormitory or apartment rentals, parking permits, gas for the commute to and from school, etc.
  • Minimization or elimination of student debt through a combination of lowered tuition and the student’s ability to more easily work while studying.
  • Retention of spiritual and moral character through preservation of a student’s connection with friends and family and avoidance of a negative campus atmosphere.

This blog was created to provide home school parents and students with an ongoing source of information about distance education. We encourage you to learn more about this exciting, unique method of earning a degree!