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NCSU Continues Expanding Their Distance Education Program

NCSU Distance Education

While earning my Computer Science degree in the early 2000s, I took several summer math courses at NC State University because my primary distance education school didn’t offer them yet. I enjoyed those classes and actually would have considered pursuing my full degree at NCSU, but at the time their distance education offering was minimal. There offered a few courses online, but I couldn’t have earned a full degree (even a 2 year degree) without commuting to school to fulfill the remaining requirements.

That has all changed dramatically over the past few years as NCSU has been expanding their distance education program at an impressive rate. It is now possible to earn an undergraduate or post-graduate degree from the University completely online. Their programs include Leadership in the Public Sector, Agricultural Education, Teaching, and even a part-time MBA course of study. In addition, they offer ways for a student pursuing a degree in engineering to complete the first two years of coursework online and finish the last two years through traditional means.

Their tuition rates run around $130 per credit hour for in-state students which is comparable to most other distance education programs. If you’re currently seeking a good distance education school, it would be worth your while to investigate what NCSU has to offer.

It’s exciting that more and more “big name” schools continue to expand their distance education offerings. It’s a trend that will undoubtedly continue as these schools recognize the growing demand for such modes of study.