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Mini-revolt at Macalester College

This article by Katherine Kersten perfectly illustrates what a struggle it can be to encourage even a small amount of intellectual diversity on a college campus. If students are steeped in course material like this day in and day out, how can they help but pick up the leftist mantra?

Take the Macalester curriculum. What comes to mind when you think of an American Studies Department? At Macalester, its overwhelming focus is on race, gender and ethnic minorities. For example, you can take a course like “Black Queer Positionality: Narration, Negotiation, Identity,” which aims to “more fully understand and articulate a black queer ‘theory in the flesh.’ ”

“Macalester talks a good game of diversity,” said Joseph Schultz, who graduated in 2006 and is a leader of the group. “But they don’t have the kind that really counts: intellectual diversity.”

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