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An Easy Way to Build High School Transcripts

My brother, David, and I are in the process of developing a web application to make the work of building professional high school transcripts (suitable for submission to colleges) fast and easy.

Traditionally, the process of building a transcript for a home schooler has been quite involved. My own parents and I designed my transcript using an Excel spreadsheet. It was painstakingly slow! Many books on home schooling through high school have transcript templates in them, but the process of photocopying and filling them out is time consuming.

It is because of this that we decided to create Teascript, a web application that makes generation of transcripts simple. Teascript is still under development, but we’ve put up a teaser page highlighting some of the planned features of the application. The page also allows you to sign-up to receive notification when Teascript goes live. We encourage you to take 30 seconds and check it out!

We truly want this app to be a useful service to other home schoolers. Comments or suggestions from people who will actually be using it are much appreciated. If you think the idea is worthy, please also consider sharing the link with your friends or blogging about it. The more home schoolers who know about this app, the easier it will be for them to generate transcripts.